Lovely Melaka

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome back to my occasional travel post. I am in the midst of arranging my travel plan to Los Angeles and I feel I should share my travel trip or my favorite place with you today. And this post is a bit different, because this is the first time I share my favorite place locally with all of you. In general I love staying in Malaysia for its hospitality and foods, it feel like my second home to me after I stayed here for 6 years plus. And I have one favorite place/town top in the list, it is a medium size town called Melaka. What I love about Melaka is the historical story, architecture and cultures behind it. The Dutch and Portuguese was occupied the place a long time ago then follow by China, it makes the place has a very rich mixed culture and architecture design.

I have many trip to this place either for working or just spend a short weekend, relaxing with my family, but no matter how many times I visited Melaka, I am still in love with the place, I love to just wandering around at the market places, hunt for vintage finds and foods :).

What can you see if you visited Melaka? you would see St. Peter Church (built in 1710) as a landmark of the city, many museum and historical places, houses or shop in rich color of windows (the windows reminded me of Venice), a heaven for vintage and handmade finds (there are plenty of Indie artist, too bad most of them do not have blog that I can link to), cozy cafes , shops along the street and also plenty of bed and breakfast accommodation.

I really love Melaka's food, it is hybrid between China, Portuguese and Malayu (it called Baba Nyonya), very rich in spices and very tasty (now I am really drooling). When you ever visited Malaysia and plan to visit Melaka (which is highly recommended, only 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur), please drop me an email, I will happily become a free tour guide :)

Here are some picture that I took during my trips, hope you like it....

Note: you can find the Melaka official tourism website here. But I warn you the site is so not well designed, so you might miss out the important informations :)



  1. Hi Fen, when are you going to LA? Wooow.. that sounds great!

    Yes, I also found Melaka a very interesting place. The bright colour of the houses, the port, and the tradition and culture

  2. If I had the oppurtunity to visit this place, I certainly will drop you an email.

  3. I love what you captured. All the beauties of Melaka!

  4. Melaka looks amazing! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and info with us. :-)

    If you're going to L.A. I can give you some cool places to check out... I lived there for a bit, and my sister still lives there. :-) How exciting!!