Natural newborn wardrobe by Babysoy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I always believe comfort is everything when it comes to dress up. Being a mom with little girl, I tend to buy cute dresses, hair pins, hat and all sort of things that girls need it :). But to be honest those that I bought very often only wear few times during weekend outing, birthday party or certain occasion. For everyday wear, I prefer something basic and must made from 100% cotton. Well, there is no rules of course what and how you should dress your kids, but it is just me. I feel she need to wear something comfortable, easy to move (especially now she masters her running and climbing skill) and good material (especially deal with Malaysia weather that mostly hot and humid).

I always love organic cotton. Beside it is environmental friendly (Now that I really trying very hard to instill the value at my self and my family), it is always very soft and nice to wear. I bought few basics ware for Dania since she was baby, I think she also love it :).
These few days I stumble upon the Babysoy collection, it said the 1st company in the world that create baby wardrobe using organic soybean protein fiber. I particularly love the combination of soft basic color that they designed, because normally I always found that organic material tend to use white or beige color. So more color would be nice, right?

The best thing, it is very affordable price and also they deliver worldwide. If you have baby or toddler you might consider to take a look their shop here.


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