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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today post is a bit special, because I am gonna have those two gorgeous photographs by Simple Hue my sweet teachers of the creativity e-course and she allows me to choose what I want. Isn't it awesome! The first one "My Girl" is a complimentary photo that I got because I joined the course, the second one "You are loved" is I won the giveaway contest. This is my very first time I won a give away contest that I participated in blogs land, I never get lucky before haha... and I almost jumped when Vicki (the author of Simply Hue) emailed me that I am the winner... yay! I really love her photographs, so you can't blame me that I am supper excited. I am gonna frame it and put at my daughter's room, isn't it the theme suitable for it? :)

Beside, she is such a great and sweet teacher, she will conduct her second e- course (Raining Umbrella) on 2oth June 2011 and also will have short session that we can join anytime, the session called Droplet. You may check for further update on her blog.

This is the photo that I got it from my e-course

And this is the photo that I won from giveaway

And these two photographs are my next best choices among all sweet collection of Simply Hue that I wish to purchase in the future.

If you would like to explore more you can visit her etsy shop here.


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  1. Vicki does have the sweetest prints :)
    You're very lucky, Fenny!