Stylish chopping board from SNUG

Monday, June 6, 2011

I often seen in many design blogs or magazines that few homes are using chopping board to decorate the kitchen wall or counter top. I think it is very functional approach but brilliant idea. I really love the idea to have cute, innovative or quirky chopping board for my kitchen. I came across one of my fave online shop - SNUG for their cute chopping board. I am sure some of you will bump into this shop somewhere at other web blog, because I notice SNUG is one of fave shop for stylist or decorator.

What is you favorite decoration pieces for your kitchen?



  1. I have seen these before, but totally forgot about them. I want one!!

  2. I hadn't thought of this before, it looks pretty cute and functional!

    My favourite pieces are the magnetic board where we have pictures of ourselves (my flatmate and I) and other kitchen things and the red with white polka dots little jug on the windowsill. I'll see if I photograph it one of these days :)


  3. these are so great! I could have one of each.xx