Today Inspired by Dania Faith

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today post is special, I do not normally write much about my family, not that I do not want to but I think because it is everyday life that I live with and it is always very inspiring so it become overlooking haha...

Last night my 15 months daughter give me french kiss abundantly, basically she really made out with me..haa... I mean she really like to kiss me before she sleeps at night. I am not sure when it started and as much as I remember I did not teach her to do so, I always kiss her but not french kiss type of kiss. Do you kiss your kids abundantly?

And last night when she slept soundlessly I suddenly remember when I started my journey with her, I was in 36 hours labor and I call it enough after I did not event dilate for an inch, I asked to be cut and after 40 minutes it done. Oh... what a relief. But I really still want to feel the real delivery process though. Mommies, were you also in so much pain? Can you cope with it?

But the result is really amazing right? I got a daughter. A bundle of joy. And she grows so fast before I realize it is surreal. She is now toddler, mastering her walking skills and learning many bubbling words that I am still trying to understand. She is one of my inspiration.

Here I share few picture that showing her milestone.

{Dania - 12 months}

{Dania 7 months}

{Dania 5 months}

{Dania 3 months}

{Dania - fresh from the tummy}

And yesterday my husband celebrated his first time 'father day'. He is a proud daddy. We had family dinner and spent quality time with our little one. How about your father day celebration? Hope you are all had a good one as well. :)


  1. Dania is adorable Fenny :)
    Big kiss to you both!

  2. that photo of Dania at 5 months is so precious! Such a little cutie.