What I get in Thailand {Hadyai}

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Lovely friends, thank you for dropping to my blog last week, I have a lovely comments from all of you, it made my day today when I checked on it after back from a short holiday with my girl friends. We had a really fun trip at Hadyai- Thailand, it was mainly a shopping trip (it 's what girls do when they get together sometime right?). The town is a small town, humble peeps and lotsa of good bargain stuffs (I do not want to use the word cheap here, as price are relative due to our affordability).

The girls over there are mainly sweet and fashionable. I love to observe the way they dress up, We went to mainly night market, floating market, street market (well all are market haaa) to hunt good stuffs, but when we were there we need to really good at haggling (unfortunately as much as I don't really like it but this is unavoidable).

Here I share what I bought and how much money that I spend for these good stuffs, and I found it very worth the price . I took this pictures from my hotel bed with the morning sunlight and satisfaction in heart :). I hope you enjoy!
No. 1 , 2 , 3 is a cotton shirt with long cutting that I can wear belt or just as a top with legging each are USD6 (total USD 18)
No.4 is a sheer shirt that suitable for casual dinner USD 8
No.5 Handmade necklaces each USD 4 (total USD8), one is for me and one will be a gift for my dear friend at UK
No.6 Home and garden mags (this is not the part of shopping spree but I found lotsa of idea at the mag) USD4.5
No.7 Large straw woven basket USD 4.8

Total day 1 USD 43.30

No.8 Stripe bag for my mom USD 10
No. 9 Vintage shirt USD 3.5
No.10 Handmade hair clips USD 3 for 3 pieces
No.11 Floral summer dress USD 3
No.12 Flat pump USD 6
No.13 Handmade Crochet slipper USD 6
No.14 Vintage Vespa T shirt for hubby USD 4.5

Total day 2 USD 30

And day three I had last min found of comfortable cotton Under garment (which not appropriate to post it here :) and also three pairs of vintage/retro ear rings with of course a very good prices too.

Don't you love to have thrifty shopping?

Note: Tomorrow post will be compilation of pictures during my trips, please come and visit again tomorrow :).

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