Window shopping at Switzerland

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today post was prepared because today I fly off to Thailand with my girlfriends for short trip. Spend our weekend at small town called Hatyai, I heard massage and food is good. So we will just enjoy our self and rejuvenate.

And today post I would like to share my travel trip to Switzerland early this year during Winter. We visit 2 places, Lake Luzern and Zurich town. What I love about Swiss are the peoples (they are friendly peeps), the cleanliness and of course the small shops that lines up beautifully especially in the old town area.

I can't help my self to snaps many pictures of the lovely shops and visited view of them and lucky enough I met one of Indie artist Sonja R at her cute petit shop. I blogged previously about her shop here and another shop called Vanille und Zimt here.

Below is few lovely shops that I snapped during window shopping.

Lovely window dressing and interesting stuffs that the sell at the shop

The grocery and flower shop looks nice too at the old town of Zurich.

Found this vintage shop, lovely collection, especially the ceramic plates set.

I am fascinated with the kids instrument shop that I found at Lake Luzern town. They had gorgeous kids music instrument. The mini piano is a killer :).

Me and my hubby really love to stop by at road side cafe where they sell Pizza and sandwiches to grab our quick lunch during our window shopping.

At night the shop still look mesmerizing too.

I hope you enjoy the virtual window shopping :). Have a great weekend everyone. Xo.


  1. Nice! But now I want to go inside and buy all those goodies... ;)

    x Iris

    ps have a great weekend too!

  2. Lovely windows! I noticed on our recent trip through Switzerland that they really do window dressing very very well. I hope you have a nice trip! hugs, Nina

  3. Ohh... lovely store fronts and cafes! You captured the area beautifully... now I want to go!

    I hope you're having a great time while you're in Thailand. I know you'll eat well, anyway!!!


  4. Oh wow, it looks amazing!! You're really making me want to travel!

  5. Dearest sweet fenny, Switzerland is just so beautiful! Every shops you shared here are such eye candy. Have a lovely merry happy weekend getaway! Love to you!