Wires decoration from FarmHouseWares

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I always fond about the idea to include wire element for my kitchen decoration or storage. I love the way it looks, vintage and rustic feel. Unfortunately in here not many places I can find wire storage or decoration, the old pieces I mean, there are few store sells the new wire storage. But I still prefer the vintage or rustic type because I feel it look more authentic farm house style.

Today I want to share a very nice online site that sells vintage, rustic and farmhouse products called FarmHouseWares. When you enter the site you will expect sorta of various home and decor of farm living. Also various farm house products, such remedies, honey, candle, etc.

Hope you enjoy the window shopping as much as I do.

{all images are credited to FarmHouseWares}


  1. Beautiful images Fenny. I have to say I wasn't convinced by wired things at the beginning, but looking at these images I completely changed my mind :)

  2. love the last pic with the jars!