DIY inspiration from BHG mags {Summer 11 edition}

Monday, July 4, 2011

How is everyone weekend? I had a good one :). We went to flea market at our nearby shopping complex to see if any new things that caught our eyes (but there weren't any), then spent the rest of the weekend with hubby and our little angel. Oh I also did packing for Singapore trip a bit, though the trip is still on coming Wednesday, but flying with toddler is mind wrecking and need few preparation in packing.

I am in the mood of starting a DIY project again, I know I won't be around for the next 2 weeks, but the urge is really coming out :). May be just a simple DIY project tonight, for tidy up and frame up few pictures to the frame that I stocked up a while ago. I love to buy Better Home and Garden -DIY edition, it is not so easy to find them here, especially the latest issue, but I found it at the airport during my trip to Thailand, and I found 3 a very achievable DIY project that caught my eyes, here I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Table runner from old books
I love to collect old books, and this idea is brilliant for me to make use my old book to be something more creative. When you plan to invite your girl friends for tea and chit chat but you do not want to use the real table runner because no time to wash haha.. (likely it is me), then we can make the nice disposable table runner from our old book, joint together with double side tape and trim it with Martha Steward puncher for scrap booking (like in the picture) or just trim it with pattern scissor.

2. Fun pot for your succulent.
I love succulent, it's very easy to take care (in my opinion), especially when you live in the place that do not have so much sunshine (like my balcony). And I really love this DIY idea, make the succulent pot from vintage jelly molding pan. Well, this project needs a dirty hand a bit. What you need is vintage jelly molding pan of course, cement that you can buy at hardware shop and mix it with water, pour at the pan and poke holes, when it 80% dry take out the mold. Or I am thinking to just use the mold it self, poke a hole and fill in with sands and succulent, as I am not sure how to mix the cement. It will be fun if we have many sizes and shapes of the molding jelly.

3. Hardware helper
This is the easiest project, just buy a hinge with various sizes depend on your need, and make it as a paper holder. Simple but quirky idea! If you want to work bit more, you can spray paint the hinge with vibrant color, I would like to have neon pink or bright green for my self :).

I hope this simple DIY project today inspire you too. Happy Monday peeps... and Happy Independent day for my American's Friends :).

{all image by me from BHG Mag -DIY Summer 2011 edition, further reference can refer to their site here}


  1. I've been bookmarking some diy projects too... actually just did one over the weekend. gonna share it on my blog this week :) cute pictures you took!

  2. Yes share it please :) will check. Love easy DIY projects.

  3. I love the table runner idea - I can see me making this as a gift for my cousin - perfect for her style!!!!