Happy Weekend and {happy cooking}

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello lovelies... I just want to say have a great weekend ahead. It is Friday and normally I always take easy on Friday at work. I do my summaries, remaining paper works, reading and blogging (during lunch break).

And I am in the very good mood of cooking, just the simple one. Last night Dania was moody and not easy when you have a moody toddler and you still need to prepare meal for family. So what I did was involve her with my cooking preparation (I prepared, she messed it up, but that's fine as long as she learned and had fun), and I choose things that not involve stove and knives. I made avocado salad with chicken ham and eat it with left over cold sandwich that I made previous day. Hubby was contented with that so I am fine.

And these weekend I would like to try these two simple healthy recipe from my fave food blogger Scandi Foodie.

{Baked pearl barley Porridge} - recipe here

and {Sweet roasted veggie with dried fruits} - recipe here

You also can have fun and try it out, otherwise I just wish you a happy weekend. See you again next Monday...love you all!

{image credit to Scandi Foodie blog}


  1. Dearest sweet fenny, i hope you are having an awesome weekend! I love this yummie recipe you shared here especially that weet roasted veggie with dried fruit!! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to yoU!


  2. Happy weekend Fenny!
    I love this post... I want to come over for breakfast and lunch now :)
    Amazing photos!