Happy Weekend

Friday, July 1, 2011

I felt guilty that I skip my daily post yesterday. I was so busy with works, made me a bit stress. I am glad that weekend is coming. My parent and sister are coming next Wednesday to Friday, and I will be going with them to spend our short holiday at Singapore, Dania is coming along with me but my hubby is not able to make it. We will stay at Resort world, inside of Universal Studio Singapore, so the kids will have fun (my niece and nephew are also come along). Then the following day at Saturday morning I will be flying to US. It will be a massive traveling period for me, and it will be a little bit exhausting.

So this weekend I will take it easy, relaxing and enjoy my cup of tea to write at my blog (pre-schedule few posts), so it won't be so lonely here when I am not around for almost 2 weeks.

Happy weekend dear friends.

{image: by me for f4fabulousblog}


  1. Have fun at LA :) will you be bringing dania along too?

  2. Dearest sweet fenny, how awesome that your family is coming to visit! And family trip to singapore sounds lots of fun too! Have a lovely merry happy relaxing weekend and love to yoU!