Highlight of Los Angeles Trip

Monday, July 25, 2011

I feel so bad for not writing at my blog these few days, sorry for those who are visiting and still found no update. My daughter has been admitted at the hospital, nothing serious, she had stomach flu and lost quite a bit of fluids, so doc decided to admit her and put on drip to keep her dehydration. Then I also need to keep up with my back log of work after almost two weeks I was away enjoying the nice Summer at LA. it's fair paid though haha...

And here I am writing the highlight of the trip now. I was thinking previously what should I shared that won't make everybody sleep :). Well obviously for the first goers to United State and also the dream big city like LA, there are few places that must go like Hollywood, Universal Studio and stuffs, but I will not overload the information with what I did and what Hollywood looks like (I am sure everyone can Google for it :p). I will share about my personal opinion what I love about America or LA to be specific. Hope you enjoy today travel post, peeps :)

{the real American breakfast - and I am gonna miss them}

(breakfast at Danny's)

I mean literally as stated in the tittle, I am always a huge fans of American breakfast, omelet, pancake and such. We can get it here too but it is not the same, especially the portions and the taste or is it just me being skeptical about Asian cooks American break fast haha. I am gonna miss places like Denny's, Ihop or event my hotel cafeteria where served a yummy breakfast.

{No one shops like Asian}

(Dessert Hills Premium outlet)

Did you notice that everywhere in this world and especially tourist spot, Asian always shops a lot :). We did. It kind of embarrassing experience that one time I sat on the Ocean trolley back from Manhattan beach and I had two full hands of shopping bags while others visitors just brought back their wet swimming suits or float from the beach. (blush!). And with those LA factory outlets, we are really in heaven! Oh and Asian peeps like to buy things back for the whole relative and friends and in the end you notice that you just bought back few for your selves. Oh well!

{Giant freeway and Optimus Prime}

(Our road trip to San Diego)

Being in LA freeway is a new experience for us. First it's free (yes we need to pay in here to enter the freeway, and because it is not free so we did not call it freeway, we call it... er I am not sure what we call it actually), and it is huge. It is giant. Most of our highway is only 3 lanes, but LA has 6 lanes which is scare us a bot driving there, not to mentioned so many Optimus Prime (big truck) on the road. I feel our small rented ford car competed again those Transformer car on the road is not so appealing experience nevertheless we still enjoy our road trip in LA :).

{Polite peeps}

(my most fave place - Manhattan beach)

Love all the peeps that we met. They are polite, courteous and helpful. Very rare to find those in my country though, honestly speaking :). The fun part is they always thought I am a college student (blush again!), now I got the advantage to have small figures haha...

{Big city - small city gal}

(Hollywood hectic)

Therefore I am not so fond with the downtown. I thought I am gonna thrilled when I saw Hollywood, but that particular area made me hectic. I always thought my self not a big city gal, and I am absolutely sure about it right now. I love San Diego and the suburb of LA much better, especially the beaches.

{Secret wish}

(Rodeo drive - where I hope I can catch the Kardashian..lol)

I really wish that I bump into Kim Kardashian and/or her sistas haha... weird secret wish (that my hubby said). I am so big fans of them, and the fact that they tweet about things that I was there and the same time zone is thrilled me.

I hope I did not make you sleep yet with my story. And thanks for reading it. It was nice to share what I experienced
The next I will post about nice little shop that I visited, sweet Summer houses along Manhattan beach and also few vibrant design of San Diego houses and shops.

Oh and today I learned a new things ' it is ok to be happy event peeps around you are not'..ehmm...


  1. ahhh, poor Dania! Hope she gets well soon!
    x Iris

  2. Feeeennnn, I didn't know you came to US. are you still here? I was just back from my 3 weeks trip to Indo. Would you be going to bay area at all?

  3. Starlet, I am back at Malaysia already. and as much I really want to visit SF I cant. Hopefully next time. Hugss...

  4. Oh, well... yes, those freeways can be scary, even for people who live in the US! You did great, driving in LA and all the way down to San Diego! Good for you!

    I wish I were there to take you to my favorite breakfast places... you ate the standard foods, but my dear, there are such better places!! Some day you have to come back when I live in California!!! :-)

    I'm glad you did a lot of shopping. My mom & her sisters are the same way... (Asian) and they love to shop! So happy you had fun and got good deals at the outlets! I'm glad people were nice to you, too.

    I hope Dania is all better now. I just saw this post, must have missed it when it first came out. Seems like she is better now. xox