Meri Meri the Meriest little bakes stuffs

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have you heard about Meri Meri? if not you can check their website here. I stumble upon their cupcake kit collection when I visited the original farmer market at 3rd Street, LA. I was tiring of doing clothes shopping haha... so I went to this huge kitchenware shop, it was really the first time I visited big shop only sell kitchenette, baking supply, etc. I was thrilled! :).

I bought few knick knack for the kitchen, when I said knick knack it is really something that I may not using it frequently. I bought garlic chopper, ice cube holder, etc. And of course I am in love with these cute cup cake kits and liners. I never bake cup cake at my whole life and I bought it. So I should start to learn how to bake, right?


  1. Super cute bake sets! Cupcake decorations in a box... great idea! I love the animals... very sweet!

  2. The cupcake kits from Meri Meri are so adorable, arent't they. I can't get enough of their prettiness and even if we don't bake a cupcake every day, they're gorgeous just looking at them... Tesca

  3. such beautiful kits: who wouldn't want to bake? Thanks for sharing! x