Papyrus paper goods

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pardon me if these few days my blog will be filled with retail brands from US (or may be not originally from US but I found it only there :p), because I was so overwhelmed with few fabulous brands that we can't find it here in Malaysia :).
Another shop that I visited while I was in LA is Papyrus and I love their paper products, the fact that the shop curate so many good paper stuffs from various designer was delight me. And another good bonus, it was on sale when I was there.

I bought cute cocktail cards, set of 4 design with 4 different recipes of cocktails, perfect for my incoming house warming invitation. And I also bought Martha Stewart plain card in white and turquoise color.

I actually found few small shop that carry the same design of Papyrus, but it was not so many choices, so I prefer to go back to Papyrus to shop for my cards. If you enjoy the collection and you are not in US you can visit their online shop here.


  1. I often go there to get my greeting cards and such. So glad you made it there! :) xox

  2. gorgeous Fenny! I have a huge crush on cute stationery. x