Shop Tour - Anthropologie LA

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another highlight that I've had from my LA trip is I was able to visit Anthropologie shops. Before that I only read from other blogger or see it online at their website, I always drool over their collection. When I know that I am going to LA, I made sure my self to visit the shops. I was at the Grove branch once and at El Segundo, Manhattan beach once. The grove was so big, made me overwhelmed, in fact I spent my time more at the El Segundo, the smaller branch. I always like to go to the smaller shops to take my time exploring things at the shop, it is just me :).

I love their kitchenette collection, all the tea set, bowls, plates and glasses are awesome. I bought my self a unique measurement spoon set. Their candles are awesome as well, perfect for presents. Price are reasonable too for those home decor stuffs, but for clothes I think price is rather in a high side. I bought my self a scarf though, it has a unique design, there are beads fit at the scarf, I love it.

Another lovely thing is their book collection, I love it. Of course my fave blogger book - Decorate by Holly@decor8 are there (manage to snap a picture), too bad I can't join her book tour where will be held in the same place (The Grove) next August. Check her blog for details.

Anthropologie remind me of British India, the front line shop that we have it here at Malaysia. if you ever come here and you are the fans of Anthropologie, then you also should visit British India :).

Here is some pictures that I snapped at the store while I was shopping. Enjoy!

{images: Fenny for f4fabulousblog}


  1. Hi Fenny!
    Thank you so much for your very nice and thoughtful comment on my blog today! what a coincidence indeed :)
    I have met Irene recently while she was in Singapore, she's adorable.
    Please feel free to contact me when you come here next, I would love to meet you too!
    Connected with you on Twitter ;)


  2. Dearest sweet fenny, welcome back from your gorgeous vacation! I have heard so much about Anthropologie too but never had the chance to visit! So glad you did when you were in LA!! I really adore the goodies they offer...beautiful collection! Have a lovely merry happy Thursday and love to you!


  3. I would LOVE to one day visit an Anthropologie store. There are none here in Germany. Did you buy anything?

  4. Ladies, thanks for the thoughtful comment :). Love it.

    @Marie : yes lets keep in touch as we are only 3 hours away by car :).

    @jacqueline : love u too gal :)

    @Nina : yes bought my self scarf, candle, cute little jewelery plate, measurement spoon and handcream :)

    @desha: thanks gal :p