a weekend in Oxford with Joey

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello dear friends, today post is a very special traveling post (in my opinion), because this is the first time I have a guest post at my humble blog. And I am so honored that my far away friend and very dear at my heart agreed to share her lovely town of Oxford (a place that I've never been and only imagine through my dream). So without further due... I give this entire space to my dear Joey from Little Miss Joey (LMJ). I will be back next Wednesday to write here (I come back on Monday from LA and I assume I will be jet leg for two days haha...).


Hello dear Fenny's readers :)

I am really pleased to be here today with a little taster of Oxford, UK. This is my first ever guest post and I was thrilled with the opportunity when Fenny invited me. I feel so honoured! Hopefully I will succeed and you will be buying your tickets to the UK the minute you finish reading this post :D

first film in Oxford

I moved to Oxford 3.5 years ago and it was love at first sight. Oxford is beautiful and inspiring and living here has proved to be a remarkable experience. Would you like a little peek at my master plan for dear friends who visit me here? Ready? Go!

vintage oxford


foliage oxford

:: Wake up and have a lovely breakfast. That's always a good start to the day :)

Sunday breakfast

:: Let's go for a visit to Christ Church College. The Harry Potter Hall scenes were filmed here and there is a pretty good reason for that - it is stunning! Take your time here and make sure you photograph it from every possible angle.

Christ Church

Christ Church mosaic

:: I think you now deserve a chocolate chip cookie at Ben's Cookies in the Covered Market. Have just one or you won't have lunch (if you can resist it)! While you're there, check the shops and the funky cake shop too.

:: Ready for lunch? The Vaults Café in St Mary's Church on the High St is a pretty good option. Yumminess on a plate, I tell you.

first film in Oxford

:: If the weather is on your side, now would be a good time to go punting (see below), an Oxford must! I can't punt to save my life, but I've always picked my punting partners well and got to just sit on the boat enjoying life... lovely!


:: Darn & Stitch is the place to go next for some cute fabric and unusual buttons. Be careful you don't buy the whole shop, it's a real risk!

:: An experience of Oxford is not complete without visiting a bookshop. Blackwell on Broad Street is the iconic one, but my favourite is actually Waterstone's. My friend Nicky has done a lovely review on the history of Blackwell, if you're interested. If you have the time, just go from bookshop to bookshop and enjoy :)

Blackwell's windows

:: Dinner time yet? The Turf is a good bet. Do you have a city guide or a map? It's hidden away bang in the middle of town and I would lose myself just trying to explain it here. Ask around :)


Oxford mornings

:: After waking up and having yet another delicious breakfast, have a slow walk along the river path. Oxford revolves around the river and the walk is absolutely beautiful.


:: Fancy a view from above? Then you should go back to St Mary's Tower by St Mary's Church (where you may have had lunch on Saturday). Best views in town and you get to walk past some pretty cute gargoyles too!

Radcliffe Camera photoshop


:: I bet you're hungry now. Worry not, I have it covered - head over to the White Horse, a very typical Oxford pub, small and welcoming, serving a really delicious roast dinner!

White horse

:: Shops close at 4pm on a Sunday, so I suggest you go to Cath Kidston for a bit of drooling over her prints and overall lovely items. Like hand cream. And mugs. And bags. Found anything you can't live without yet?

Cath Kidston

:: Wishing to take some tea home? This is the UK after all! Whittard is just outside the Covered Market. Take your pick. And sample the tea of the day.

:: I bet now you could do with a little bit of fuel. Let's go to the Oxford Buttery Hotel for the best lemon drizzle cake in town! And chamomile tea. Or any other tea you fancy, they're good like that :)

031. Lemon drizzle and tea to calm down

That is it folks, had to end on a sweet note :)
Hope you've enjoyed this little sneak peek into a weekend in Oxford... you're planning to visit, right? Have a great weekend, everyone :)

Joey &


  1. @Fenny: this is great, a guest post from LMJ. Just a lovely idea! When you'd have the chance, you must visit Oxford. It's one of Britain's most beautiful treasures :-)
    @LMJ: I love the way you promote your 'new' hometown Joey. And yes, you did it: I already want to come back :-) x

  2. Wonderful job on the guest post, Joey! I loved seeing the lovely photos around Oxford, and hearing such a wonderful itinerary along the way... I definitely want to go there now!

  3. This was so much fun to read! I felt like I was really visiting your lovely part of the world, Joey. Beautiful photos, too!!!

  4. I think I'm in love!!! What gorgeous photos

  5. Thank you very much for your lovely comments, ladies! :D
    So happy you've enjoyed the tour and want to visit :)
    Have a lovely week everyone!
    Thank you Fenny for inviting me :)