Flower and fabrics

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last weekend I met my drear friend for breakfast before heading to the local craft shop. We ended up to visit a fresh market near the craft shop and had breakfast in the market. I saw fresh flowers and bought it home to put it on top of our new dining table. Yes we finally has dining table haha...

My intention to visit the craft store was to check if they had nice fabrics for my pillow cushion. Remember that I can't find the ready made pillow cushion that I really like so I decided to custom made (I posted here). And I was so happy the local craft store that we visited carried fabulous fabrics collection. They don't carry Heather Bailey fabrics but They have Amy Butler collection, I am surprised! or rather that I never explore the local stores at my town :).

When I was in the market to buy flowers, I was inspired with the colors of the flowers. I want my pillow fabrics to carry yellow, green, white and a little bit of red color. And I also opt for light blue since my living hall wall carried blue color. Initially I want it all to be on a floral pattern, but I can't resist the blue and brown polka dot. Isn't cute? In the end I bought six different pattern, the fabrics are from Moda (they have cute website, check it out) and Robert Kaufman.

In total from the fabrics that I bought I can make 12 medium size pillows ... yes 12, I am greedy! sigh.... I can't wait for my new pillows for our day bed and the sofa that We haven't bought haha.... another sigh!
I took some pictures of the flowers and fabrics that I bought to share with all of you. What do you think? Do you like what I bought?

{Images are by Fenny (me) for f4fabulousblog}


  1. Such lovely photos Fenny. I really love the fabrics of both Heather Bailey and Amy Butler. xx

  2. Your photos are lovely, Sweetie! I recognize a couple of the patterns of fabrics that you bought. :-) The one under the polka dots is the same pattern (though different color way) of the slipcover on a chair I left in California, I think. It's very similar, anyway!! The polka dots are super cute! I also like the one third up from the bottom....

    Your flowers are lovely. I love having fresh flowers in the house! You're lucky to have a flower market. We don't have one here, but I can pick them from outside. ;-)

  3. You pictures are amazing! Love the flowers and the colorful fabrics. And I love how you tie the two hearts to the pitcher to make it look more special! cute!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment ladies. I love my fabrics and feel want to buy more to make table clothes haha...

  5. I could have bought the first three fabrics for myself! and I agree with the above comments, lovely pictures Fenny!