Happy weekend and {happy organizing}

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh my God.... these week is really running extra fast. It is Friday now and weekend just around the corner. Bliss!

And I am desperately need to tidy up our reading room, it has been two months the boxes are still there and it is getting messier. I really need to take out everything from the boxes and tidy up. We convert our smallest room at our condo become reading room. We do not have any furniture yet (we need to concentrate for finding dining table first haha), I only had one book case that I brought over from our old house. Therefore it will be a good idea to make the room rather cozy than the boxes sitting there.

And I will catch up to read some magazine that I bought during my LA trip. No cooking this weekend, I crave for Japanese food, so we will dine outside. Then the rest of the weekend we just relax as usual.

And last things, I really sorry I did not drop by as often as I normally do to all of you my blogging friends, I promise next week I will make my time to visit your sweet blog. Thank you so much for all the sweet comment this week. Love you all...

Happy weekend everyone.

{image is by Fenny for f4fabulousblog}


  1. I think you deserve a well-rested weekend and dining out too! Enjoy! :)

  2. I'm organizing, too. :-) And cleaning, and figuring out what to do next...