Happy weekend

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello dear friends, its weekend again! yay.... When we were busy at days, its a good thing sometime, times flies and weekend is approaching very fast :).

As usual, weekend is our family affair. We just relax at home and enjoy each other companion. Next week is a big festive week for people in Malaysia and other countries who celebrate the Hari Raya (new year for Muslim), so shopping places will be packed with people to shop last minute for the celebration. We are not celebrating but I wish to all of our Muslim friends in Malaysia and other country 'Happy New Year'.

Then next week will be a very quiet week in the city, as most of everyone will be back to their hometown because of the long break. My husband will be going to Hong Kong for short trip. I am gonna miss him, therefore I have some plans with my girl friend and also will spending quality time with my daughter, so that's fine!

I will be still working on Monday, and I have presentation for 500 people...huiihhh by writing this, I feel the butterflies in my tummy. Wish me luck. Then We have Tuesday to end of week off. I will taking a break for blogging, but I will post a daily photos that inspired me this past few days. So feel free to visit :).

Happy weekend. Love you all.

Note: if you want to have an easy reading at your iPad or computer, this e-mag is an enlightening reading. Enjoy :)

{image is by Fenny (me) for f4fabulousblog}


  1. You're a day ahead of me, darlin! I'm still on Thursday!

    Have a great weekend! Love the photo... it's very nice.


  2. Dearest sweet fenny, i LOVE that it's weekend and i LOVE that next week is a holiday week! Yipeee and hoooray! So glad you will be spending some time with your girl friend and your lovely sweet daughter. Best of luck on monday's presentation!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. Happy weekend ladies.
    Shari I miss u :)