Inspiring online cataloq from House Doctor

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello dearest friends, today is a very busy day at work and my creative juices is running high. I am so excited to design presentation for kindergarten teachers for my evening meeting. So today I won't write much here (not that I neglected my precious sanctuary) but really gotta run now.. haha...

So I just want to share with you the gorgeous online catalogues from House Doctor, the product that I really adore since I found them from my trip to Switzerland early this year. Originally from Denmark, and when we talk about Denmark, it always never go wrong about gorgeous products, right? :).

Have fun with flipping this catalogues and finding never ending inspiration. Talk soon tomorrow :).Xo.

Update 0n 12/8/2011 : new catalog by House Doctor that just launched few days after this post Moment 2011. Go check it out!

{images : House Doctor}


  1. Love all of this stuff!
    Probably a stupid question, but how do you make a collage like this? Do you have a tutorial to link to?
    x Iris

  2. Dearest sweet fenny, your work sounds really awesome. :) I hope you are getting some rest in bwteen those busy scedule.

    Oh my these images from House Doctor looks really inspiring and so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and it's always such pleasure to find new inspiration!

    Thanks so much for your sweet lovely comment on my little bubble space! Spending time with you, taking you to Pipit and explore more of out local artists sounds wonderful! :)

    Have a lovely merry happy thursday and love to you!