Little thought on Monday

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello friends, how was your weekend turn be? Mine was lovely as usual, apart of my gal was a bit cranky because her stomach still bothered her. But it was manageable. I was able to do house chores and also cooked for my family. a simple meals but made them happy, so I was delighted.

Few friends are always asked me why I always look happy. This thought give me a little idea to write and start my Monday :). Indeed I am always a happy person, because I choose too. I used to be easily grumpy over small matters, as I grew up and hormone more stable (haha the last one is just make it up). I chose not to make a big deal over small matters. And I think it is necessary to have a choice in life, and live with our choice everyday.

There are many nasty people around that may upset you, if it really happens to me (and it is unavoidable), I will choose to take a deep breath, ignore and move on. But I won't run from the problem, I will try to speak to them with integrity. When a problem is no longer has a solution, it is a fact. There are fact that in this world you will bump into ugly people, there are nothing that you could change against it. Why don't just leave them alone and mingle with the happy ones :).

5 Simple things that made me happy:

1. Spend time with my family
2. Cook for the loves one
3. Write on my blog
4. Read my fave blog (with my coffee beside)
5. Mingle with happy friends
What makes you happy? are you a happy person? I hope you are. Happy Monday lovelies....

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  1. I completely agree with you, Fenny! I love being around people who look on the bright side of things... maybe that explains why we are good blogging buddies. :) Happy Monday! (Still Sunday for me in the states.)

  2. Lovely post Fenny. You are so right, happiness is a choice you make. I think like everyone I have my grumpy days but overall I think I embrace life in a very positive way. I have learnt so much from my husband who is really positive and a true optimist. Surrounding myself with only people that give me good energy instead of draining me is a challenge that I still need to work on.Hope you have a great week.

  3. Yes, I am an optimist too! I try to be happy as much as I can by really enjoying things I do. Life is too short to be negative all of the time. So we should treasure what we have. Keep up the good spirit!
    x Iris