Little thought on Monday

Monday, August 8, 2011

'Time flies when you are having fun'

Wow.. it's Monday again. I can't believe my weekend flied so fast. I love my weekend. I manage organized the reading room and get rid of the boxes, will post few pictures tomorrow.

I was thinking last night, how times really flies nowadays, especially my daughter is grown up so much. I always thought that she is still my little baby, but then I was realize when I got her daily report book from her day care, it written "Junior Toddler" on it. Oh No... where is my baby gone? She is now eagerly learn how to feed her self, Only yesterday I thought she just able to walk...sigh! She know how to say few words (not mommy though), and she know what her preference in some points. She hates messiness, which I always told her it is ok to be messy during your learning time, that is why the cleaning products was invented for :).

{picnic dinner at home}

And it is true times really flies when we are having fun. I had fun with my family, friends and my self. I love it... I hope you too.

Happy Monday.

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  1. My year in Jakarta went by fast. I'm loving this city and I feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do! People tell me I should enjoy my kids when they are young because they grow so fast. It's hard to imagine that now, but I started to see what they mean now my older one is in school. Once school starts, you have events and volunteer work you have to do in a semester and then you have a holiday. Time really flies. You had a nice spread on your picnic mat! what a fun time you have with your daughter. She's lucky to have a mom like you who enjoys and appreciate every moment with her!

  2. Thanks Kaho. I tried to be the best mom within my capacity for her and treasure every moment as time goes by very fast :).

  3. Dania is so precious. :-) xo

    I know what you mean, even if I don't have my own child. My best friend had her son 13 years ago... I was there for that. Every day with him we'd say, "Treasure this because it'll be gone so fast..." so that we'd remember each lovely moment with him. He's turned into a wonderful teen, and I feel so happy and lucky to have him in my life!