Little thought on Monday

Monday, August 15, 2011

{photo via Simply Hue}

"There will be always blessing in disguise"

I literally live in that quote to motivate my self when I am in the downside. I try to always be a positive person when obstacle comes, not always easy, not always succeed but keep trying is the key :).

I wrote this post on Sunday night, home alone. My hubby has guys night out and my daughter stays at her granny house for three days because I has conference to attend tomorrow till Wednesday, and I ll be working late. I hate to be separated from my precious one because of work, as much I like my work, but family is still priority. But again these situation makes me think that it is just about time I need to slow down and considering part time seriously. A lot of time I was dare to take a bigger step when the situation was difficult, I think human are adaptable to change, but it is just we do not have a guts to change till we forced to change... may be? just a little thought.

I will be blogging as usual, but I scheduled my posts, there are interesting posts this week that I wrote and I am really excited to share with all of you my lovely friends :). Also the highlight of this week is another guest blogger for traveling post, she will share a beautiful place that I never been there and I am honored that she is willing to share with all of you here too:). The post will up on Friday, 18th Aug 2011, so please come back and visit if you could... And of course for now Happy Monday...


  1. Dearest sweet fenny, i am loving that quote too! Change, something that i don't really like but i learn to go along with it because i realize change will always be around. But sometimes i notice too that my guts are stronger when im being forced to change.
    I still owe you that email reply. I will be in touch soon! So sorry it's taking me a long while to reply. Have a lovely merry happy week and i hope you get rest in between those busy schedule. Love to you!


  2. Good luck with all the work stuff Fenny! Sounds like it is a really busy time or you. Don't over work youself & make sure you're getting some much deserved you time! I can't wait to see the posts for this week.

  3. So true :)
    As the English say, every cloud has a silver lining!