Mini break from blogging

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello dear friends, I am at home today resting as I am little bit under the weather. Tomorrow till the next weekend will be a hectic day for me. There are bunch of meeting for our Asia Pacific conference, nothing to elaborate about, it just about work :). So I thought today I want to relax and recharge my self.

I will be taking a mini break from blogging at Thursday to weekend and will be back on Monday, please come again next week as this little space is a bit lonely lately. I miss all of you :).

Nothing special that I would do today, I started my day quiet early as I prepared my daughter to day care and my hubby sent her on the way to his office. I had my book, tea and organic biscuit at bed today. Bliss. Then after wrote this post I will write something for someone (I wish I can tell you now, but if things doing well, I will let you know about it, promise).

Also, I feel I really need to catch up with all my visits to my lovely friends blog, so be ready you will see me pop by and leave comment :). Oh and I am listening my old CD from Air Supply, I feel I am in the 80s right now! Inspired....

My colleague gave me this yellow cute Aster flowers yesterday, and I love it so much, it bright my day today.

And may I end my post with my fave quote little plate below that I placed it at my dressing table.

I will see you all next week with more bright and fresh posts. Love you all....

{images are by Fenny (me) for f4fabulousblog}


  1. Your photos are heartwarming and lovely! I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. I hope you'll have a quick recovery. I think it's good to take a good rest. Enjoy while you can! The quote is very cute. Make up is optional! In my case, make up is optional when I'm home and when my hubby is not around. I look kind of tired without any make-up! :P Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you feel better soon, love your blog and the pictures - it's so lovely - following you now, please come and see me sometimes - hopefully you'll like what i do and follow me too :)
    Happy weekend.
    A xx

  3. Dear Fenny, I hope you feel better soon. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to unplug, lay back, drink some nice tea, and relax. Maybe meditate a bit to clear your mind... that helps me a lot.

    Take care... lovely photos, by the way! Beautiful tea things....


  4. What lovely flowers! I love the home is wear makeup is option quote ahah. It made me giggle! I hope you feel better & that you are able to enjoy some the weekend. Good luck with all the work stuff!

    I love Air Supply so much :)

  5. Enjoy your rest and relaxation Fennie. It's good to recharge the batteries every so often! xx

  6. Fenny, your photos are getting better :) Keep on shooting.