My new china dining ware

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This morning I woke up early and the sun is good to take photo, I thought of show off a bit my new china dining ware... haha. Nothing fancy but I love it a lot and it is a steal too. Some of you read my previous post might know that since we move house last two months, we do not have dining ware. I gave away most of the old ones and left only 1 lunch plate and few bowl (well, my vintage finds ware I still keep them carefully, not for daily usage though}.

I decided to revamp my daily dining ware, I always believe having nice (but affordable) dining ware is important, because family diner is one of important activity in our home. We still have not have dining table though... will decided soon, but at least I started to buy our dining ware already, It has been long due...sigh!

Anyway, I bought these china set from Daiso (the thrifty Japanese chain store) for only USD 1.60 each and I love them so much, I decided to have blue color/pattern as the theme, and I will buy more of their collection, as now I only has bowl (small and big size) and also small plates. I decided to keep 6 pcs for every set, and I may combine those color with pink color pattern for lunch plates and dishes. Oh I love to shop dining ware... Do you love yours?

{all images is by Fenny for f4fabulousblog}


  1. this is a really nice collection, pretty in blue!!

  2. mmm, bet your food tastes even better!

  3. I love that store! They have some of the coolest dishes and crafty stuff.... I miss having one nearby! Great find on those dishes, too.... they're adorable!

  4. It's beautiful china, Fenny :)
    You're so lucky!
    I want to come over for tea :P

    Hope you're well :)

  5. I love the blue and white and the mix of patterns, really cute! your photos are amazing too!