pink palate living room inspired by making it Lovely

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you like pink color? Pink is one of my favorite color, but I always thought pink color wall is only meant for girl room which is I had for Dania's room. I don't dare to try to my living hall, as much as I really tempted. But living with men sometime we need to compromise about our color choices :).

Today I am so inspired with the living room of Nicole from Making it Lovely and Pink Loves brown stationery artist. I love the overall simplicity atmosphere that she had at her living room because the soft pink wall color it self is already stand out. I also like very much the contrast color of the illustration that she hung on the wall, it really live it up the pale color palate of the wall and the sofa tones. The way how she hung the painting also very creative.

I always think having reading sofa at the living room is very cozy, I wish I will have one at my living room too. And I like the way she match the contrast pattern in between the reading sofa and the rug. Really makes the living room lively. Lastly, I think it is a creative idea to place the unusual object to add the creativity in the room, for example the vintage mannequin.

You can check her blog for her other projects that she had to make her house a cozy home. Lovely!

{all images are from Making it Lovely}

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  1. Very lovely! I know what you mean when you have to compromise colors/decor when living with a man! I'd never think to paint my living room pink either, but I love how she balanced the colors with the wood trimming of the house.