Reading room -before and after {temporary set up}

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last weekend I managed to tidy up our reading room. It is small room without the door. So we decided to convert the room to our reading room. We do not have any furniture yet, still undecided what are we going to do to furnish it. I am thinking of Billy bookcase solution from Ikea or just move our day bed to the room from our living room as we decided to replace the day bed with sofa at our living room. But when we put the day bed there, it won't be a reading room anymore haha... So I am contemplating of both ideas.

At least, we managed to get rid all the boxes, I really hate boxes at our home as it can be cockroaches house, and we both scare of death of those little creature. Guess what, I found small one when I opened the boxes and I really not sorry to kill it as much I really hate to kill insects. oopps!

This set up won't be long, nothing fancy, no furniture yet, but I guess it is cozier now.



I used my small vintage suitcase for my prayer books (bibble, daily devotion, etc ) and put my vintage radio on top on it. Those orange china pattern drawer is to store my stationery. I also have narrow four tier bookcase to store my books and the remaining books goes to the chest, stool (that I convert into temporary book's case) and the rest of the book are here and there for decoration parts.

I put quilt rug to add color at the reading room, compliment with fresh flowers and my fave decoration books on top of it.

So far I am pleased with the result, till we really have real furniture.

{images is by Fenny (me) for f4fabulousblog}


  1. Cockroaches are terrifying creatures!!
    It's looking great so far!

  2. It looks great and cosy. You should go picnicking there!
    x Iris

  3. It's definitely coming together, Fenny! You've created a cozy little place for reading! I think the day bed in there would make a nice addition! That way you could get really comfy while you read! At least until you get another bit of furniture, like a reading chair or something. I'm glad you're enjoying the process! Getting rid of boxes is a great feeling!

  4. Nice looking room!! I like the usage of suitcases as decoration. Very pretty!! What a nice relaxing room you have for reading!!

  5. Thank you ladies, You re all inspired me in many way too :). I hope in finally my reading room will have a real comfy setting :).