Shop Tour - Manhattan Beach

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{beautiful shop that sells home interior and corals}

I am in the mood of doing window shopping these few days and also do the real shopping too. This is not a good things when the urge comes often.. hahaha... I' ve been clicking Asos this few days too, finding few outfit to revamp my pathetic wardrobe.

Then I remember that I snapped few shops at Manhattan beach that I visited during my LA trip recently. It so unfortunate that mostly of the shops do not have website, so I can't post the link here. I visited the ice cream parlor where sold an old fashion ice cream. It hard to find here at Malaysia as the ice cream shop here are normally franchise instead of homemade. I was so delighted with what I had there :)

Then I visited LULU. A cute small shops that carried many individual brands. They have a fabulous collection of scented candles, perfume and french lingerie, but they also carried home and decor product and paper goods, I saw Lotta Jansdotter ' s paper journal there too. I bought a bottle of perfume because I really love the bottle design, well, it smells good too. But really can't remember the name of the perfume.

I visited this gallery below, but did not buy any as I am not sure how to enjoy fine arts :). Lovely little shop though.

I also visited this lovely SEQUINS kid shop. They also carried individual brands of Kid clothes. The shop has extension for Adult clothes under the same owner.

And my last visit is D'BOUTIQUE as it just in front of the bus stop that I took for my trip to Manhattan beach back to LAX area. This shop as you see there is Owl picture on it, carried few products that mostly has owl's print, or owl character :).

Along the way to visit these shops I also visited few other small shops that were lovely too, but I was busy window shopping so didn't take much photos on it :). I hope you enjoy my sharing as I enjoyed my visit at Manhattan beach.

{images are by fenny(me) for f4fabulousblog. Location is in Manhattan beach shopping street,CA}


  1. Lovely pix. Did you take any photos inside the ice-cream parlour?

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I always know when I'm having lots of fun because I take less pictures. ;-) Of course, the exception is when I'm having fun but I need to take pictures or video for a project I'm working on... like my summer videos!

    We have lots of homemade ice cream places here that are not franchises... I think we're lucky!