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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today was a meeting day. I had meeting after meeting, event lunch time was a meeting luncheon. So post was a bit late (I normally did my blog writing at lunch break). But these few days I was inspired so much with the color white. Well, since before white is always one of my fave color, therefore I need to compromise with my hubby who doesn't prefer white for house decoration.

I always admire Scandinavia and Dutch design for their simplicity. I love them both equally. Especially Dutch design, I adore their combination between modern shape and traditional patterns. In Indonesia you still can find many Dutch heritage architecture and heavy influential Colonial design. Now I miss to go back to my country to enjoy an afternoon tea and Dutch cake recipe complete with typical Dutch tea set at Hotel Majapahit (Oranje Hotel, name after Dutch Royal Family).

Anyway, today I was gasp at this pretty online shop called Bijzonder MOOI* especially on their white collections. They are simple, unique and really pleasant to the eyes. Here is my choices:

1. Very unique tea pot (in my opinion), because the woman swimming inside the pot has a dramatic effect on me :)
2. Lovely stool, simple and clean.
3. Fennel friends, isn't it cute? the biggest one also serve as storage
4. Singing bird. The bird will sing when you pass by. Cute!
5. Water pot. I love this because I have the same pot but with chicken pattern on it (apparently you can easily find these chicken pattern pot when you dine at cafe in Amsterdam). Here is the post of the picture.

Do you like Dutch design? or anything interested you in these cute shop?

{all images by Bijzonder MOOI*}

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  1. My mother has two of the teacups with the swimming ladies. Love them. Also like the other items.
    xx Iris