Blog break #4 - my fairytale holiday

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I always wish one day I can visit Peacock Pavilions at Marrakech. They have awesome retreat program and of course awesome villa to stay. I love to visit the Souk too ( I really miss this, I've been visited the Souk at Qatar, and it was really beautiful).

I am also a long time follower for My Marrakesh's blog. The owner of the Peacock Pavilions. So lucky to be her :).

For more photos and info of Peacock Pavilions is here.

{image: Peacock Pavilions}


  1. I'd love to go to Marrakech. I haven't been to any part of Africa... I also want to go to India! My sister has been there a few times... it looks amazing! (Other than the stray dogs which make me sad!)

  2. Dearest sweet fenny, Marrakechsounds beautiful! Very lovely image. I hope you are having a wonderful break! Love to you. :)


  3. wow, very cool interior architecture! i love the fireplace pattern!

  4. I love My Marrakesh too, such a cultural inspiration! I would really like to visit Morocco one day...x