{Happy weekend} and Happy Blogbrunch

Friday, September 30, 2011

Time really flies when you are having fun or a busy bee like me. Work was mad this week and full of rock and stone {read : tough}. I am so looking forward to have a good weekend. What a fun way to spend the weekend beside with my family and friends is of course to mingle with other creative bloggers out there. Blogging gives me sanity when I had a tough day, Blog friends keeps me inspired and socialize with new blog friends makes me happy. This weekend I am looking forward to join the twitter party at #blogbrunch and mingle with creatives ladies {and men - may be} virtually and hope someday will be able to meet some of them in person too :).

What is blogbrunch? please click the image below to know more about the community and the founder.

And when you love it, please visit their website, bring your mimosa and join the brunch at #blogbrunch (via twitter ) I hope I 'll see you there :) Happy weekend.

{all images are via The pink and blue blog at their surprise party of the launching of Blog Brunch website}


  1. This is so cool! I'm going to try to join. Thanks for letting us know! xo

  2. Yea confetti pretzels!!! (the ones above were my surprise party entry for blog brunch!)

    Great to meet you today at Blog Brunch. You're blog is ADORABLE! I love it. I love the cursive font and such great images too! You're a new favorite for sure!

    Can't wait to keep up with all the cool things you get to do in Malaysia!


  3. so happy to have met you via blog brunch, Fenny! I hope you had a good night's rest--and that I see you again next month :) you've got a lovely blog! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  4. Thank you ladies for stop by. keep in touch.