KL design week : comprehensive recap

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was so overwhelmed sorting out the pictures that I took at KL design week 2011 from my last visit to Publika last weekend. But finally I managed to pull up some few of many pictures that I took with my iPhone. Apologize if the quality is not so good, I seriously need to get used to bring along my DSLR camera with me and take picture freely in the public area. I am a little bit shy in this area hehe... I am an amateur. Oh well...

First of all I would like to share about the place that hosted the event it self. I am so impressed with Publika, a new hip mall in the expat area located in Mt.Kiara - Kuala Lumpur. There are plenty of mall in the city like mushroom grows in the forest, it won't never finish to explore one to another, but it's very little that has an authentic concept like Publika. The architecture it self is very modern and cozy. Judging with the event that they hosted and also there are dedicated gallery for artist to display their art work, I guess the management of the mall seems to sport local designers. Well, we'll see for if any similar upcoming events but I definitely will be back to do window shopping and visit the impressive food court :).

The name of Kuala Lumpur design week 2011 sounded so grant to me, but unfortunately the exhibitors are not as many that I expected, I believe there are plenty of talented local designer in Malaysia it self. And the visitors were also very few ( I went to the event on Saturday morning at the last day of exhibition), may be lack of publicity from the organizer (which I actually did not aware until the last day and I only got the info from twitter). Nevertheless I really enjoyed the visit. The concept to display the art works in each corner of the mall, unfinished shop lots (the mall just newly open and still 80% vacant) and temporary plywood wall was a brilliant idea. The natural color of concrete and raw paints wall made the exhibit products looked stand out. I personally love the photos collage from magazine, news paper, tear off brochures that displayed on the plywood wall. It is an mood board inspiration by it self.

{collages of images from mags, news paper, brochures -
made a inspiring moodboard}

{Wirakanta - collaboration of Amateur
and professional photographer}

And there were also Architectures exhibit section, this area I have zero knowledge to write about haha...There are few architects exhibits their design,I enjoyed the photos and read all the summary of the concept behind their design, it made me learn new things of course.

Below images are two of my favorite design and proudly said they are from my home country Indonesia (first image) and from neighbor country Singapore (second image), What I like about both design are the exposure of natural light and the use of concrete wall. I feel it makes the house really roomy and warm.

And below images are few types of design, the collaboration of modern, minimalist, urban and quirky designs. I enjoy each styles. Some has a deep messages behind the design, I guess you need to really into it in order to enjoy it :).

Before I adjourned to handmade section that I purposely visited at the last part {because I want to spend more time at the section}, let me shared few pictures of Publika food court. The food court is really has an awesome contemporary design, not like generaly food court that I visited at the local mall. The food are nice and affordable and the cozy environment is a value added. I love it.

Lastly, I shopped at this section haha.. expected. I always support handmade artists, my heart goes to them. They are normally genuine, kind heart and very friendly people. My fave little Syam was there, I had a chat with her and she shares few stories. I bought wall hanging decoration from her famous silk screenprint handmade. I also bought the patchwork stool from RAW as you seen here at my previous post. And lastly I met Gigi Gee - jewelery designer, I adored her work so much, she is genius. I bought her latest design necklaces for a gift to special blogger friend far away at State, hope she will love it. Gigi really was so kind to spare time with me to explain about her design process.

{little Syam}

{Gigi Gee jewelry}


I did not manage to visit all the shops though. But I strongly suggest you pay a visit to awesome blog Bloesem. Irene did a very thoughtful recap for each designers and of course her photos that she took in KLDW are so gorgeous. Happy reading!

{all images are by me for f4fabulousblog}

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  1. Is it wrong that I get overly excited when I saw your lunch? LOL!

    I am sooo in love with those birdies from Little Syam though. What an adorable piece of art!

    And the necklace from Gigi Gee is quite a statement piece too. How sweet of you to package that up as a gift for your friend. I'm sure she'll appreciate it much!

    BTW, you took excellent pics even simply with an iphone, Lady!