Little thought on Monday

Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you ever felt guilty not being productive on your day? I used to be. I felt that if I did nothing then my day will be wasteful. I am not sure how other people thinks about this topic, but I learn to tell my self, it is ok to do nothing once in a while.

Being a working mom and wife, after work means house chores is just started, and women are amazingly borne to be multitasking human being :), while I take care of my toddler I can be in the same time wash the dishes or do the laundry, and while I have a small talk with my husband at home my hand can be busy with the cold dish at the microwave. I almost forgot the feeling to pause, stay and do nothing but spending time with them. This is not good at all, I am still trying my best to learn that give 100% of my self to attend them is also a productive things to do and I am so happy doing it.

Last week we had a week off, my hubby was away for few days. I had so much quality time with my little gal alone ( I missed my husband too, but when he is around sometime I need to equally divided my time for both of them..haha). We had so much fun playing and made our house a chaos.... Well I didn't mind at all, in fact I accepted the fact that our house is never been tidy when as long as we have toddler around. Cleaning could wait when she was asleep (and chaos happen again once she is awake). The most fun part was playing dress up with her, we tried few dress together, it was so cute that she really attentive toward what I wore, if she could say a sentence, she probably said " my mommy is a diva"

Have a blessed Monday everyone....

Fave quote for today " Life is too short to date ugly people"-- Unknown.

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  1. Dearest sweet fenny, i am so happy and glad to know you had such a beautiful holiday with your sweet girl. I only get that feeling of guilt and panic when my deadline to a project is close. However, if i manage my time correctly i feel that it is totally alright to be unproductive on a certain day. :) Oh and your sweet little girl's tutu made me smile. Loving that gorgeous color. I hope i get to meet you and her one day! :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  2. Yes, we working mothers should take more moments like that...
    x Iris
    ps loving the tutu!

  3. I actually believe that doing "nothing" is good for you sometimes. It's a time to settle your soul and give your mind a rest. We all need this, Fenny dear. Bravo to you for actually taking time to do nothing.

    Guilt is a useless emotion. It makes people feel bad when there's nothing for it. I reject guilt. I say, either do something, or don't do something, and learn to love your choices.