Little thought on Monday

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello dear friends, are all of you welcoming Monday? I wish my weekend is a little bit longer that usual. We always had so much fun on the weekend and it makes me wondering if my weekend is always so much fun than my weekdays, is it the time for me to do something new....ehmmm.

Today no pretty pictures.
Today I just want to share few photos that I took during last weekend and what we usually do for our family time :).

We sleep a lot...
Cuddle a lot....
Only weekend we are able to fully relax, especially for my husband which work is always stressful for him

Spending time with our little one is a precious moment.
She is the queen at the house and we are the happy slaves...

This is not the fun part on the weekend. Luckily I have helper who come twice a month on the weekend to help me to do the massive cleaning. She only comes at alternate Saturday, so the other alternate one, I normally just clean the surface and the unseen ones I leave it to her haha...
Therefore with toddler around, I become to accept the fact that house will be always untidy thus, I enjoy the imperfection with a laughter... I really have no complain about it :)

Breakfast is the important ritual for us. We always start our day with hearty breakfast. Sometime my husband prepares. Nothing fancy. Just bread, egg and juice, but we enjoy each other companion. And now my little one is keen to feed her self, it is so fascinated to see her learns to organize her food and pick it up one by one from her colorful plate...bliss!

Talk to the plant... Yes. Since my dog was adopted by my husband's aunt not long after my daughter was born, it kinda lonely not to have pet anymore. So I adopted few plants at home. I talked to them when I water them sometimes... Do you?

That's pretty much our routine during weekend. Well we go out too for some grocery shopping or visit my in law, but that we normally do at our home on the weekend.

I hope you have a blessing week ahead. I will be busy at work and also pretend to be butterfly every night as my daughter ask too (she is engrossed to the story of Dora the explorer, and every time I read the book for her, she want us to be a butterfly).

I took so many pictures from KL design week, I hope I can filter it soon and share with you tomorrow. Xo.

{all images are by me for f4fabulousblog}


  1. You seem to have had a lovely weekend :) The photos are beautiful, Fenny!
    Sometimes I talk to my plants, but it's not a ritual :)

  2. The images are beautiful and I can feel the happiness from them. Your photos themselves tell stories. So nice! I hear talking to the plants is good for them. I need to start doing that as well... Maybe they would look better!

  3. Thank you ladies. Has a blessing week ahead. Love to u all.