Overflowing with flowers

Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you saw my post yesterday, you knew that I went to the fresh flower market with my dear friend (her half body is in above photo..lol), I bought this green button flower and purple flower ( I am not sure about the name), it was so much of them in one stacks till I run out of my limited vases and use my candle holder from India that is also match the color of the flowers to display them haha... These flowers are displayed at our both bathroom, kitchen and balcony... You know what I mean by house overflowing with flowers :). Oh and the one big white flower was actually left over from my last visit to fresh market, it is like two weeks ago, but it lasted so long, I never throw away flowers till they really has their last drop.

These red Roses and pink Carnation was actually from my friend that accompany me to go to the market, she just came back form the highland a day before we met, so it was a sweet treat from her :). I actually like local roses very much, but they don't really last long, after 3 days they will died and dry, not event has a chance to bloom. I wonder why!

And because I only have limited vase as I mentioned before, I always do simple decoration with them. This time I wrapped my enamel jug with wrapping paper that I already cut using crafting scissor for the texture and I taped it together with washi tape. I really love play along with washi tape. Easy DIY but I think it's pretty lovely to add spark on my plain vase.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that I share.

PS: remember to drop by tomorrow for travel post from lovely guest blogger. I am very sure you would love the post as I do. Xo.

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