Today visual mood inspiration {outdoor +fashion}

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After had a short break and exposed with much of pleasant weather of Bandung (averagely 20 deg C), I am really inspired for outdoor outing and gathering. I really wish that KL won't be so humid and hot, because as much as I'd love to have picnic at the park or just sit at balcony with my family enjoying the swimming pool view, but sometimes I just couldn't stand with the humidity. I actually dying to be invited at outdoor party or may be organize one, why not!

{image clockwise: 1&2 Irideeen, 3.karla closet, 4.Scandifoodie}

Lately, I am revamping my personal style a bit :). Well, I'd love to have occasional changing though. My fellow blogger Iris from Irideeen and Jeanne from Shopsweetthings were part of my inspiration. Iris decorates her house beautifully. She is such a darling who always share her projects with us. I love to steal some of her style to arrange the flowers and adapted to my own style. Flowers is my main interest to add spark at my home. I wish I can have more time to learn about flower arrangement. Also I love Jeanne's style of dressing. She gives me so much inspiration to love accessories and scarf more. I shopped few of them to spark my plain dress collection instantly. I peek some of fashion blogger that captured their personal style and updated my self what's new in fashion world :). Well, I am not very fashionable girl, but I still love to dress up, who doesn't, right?

{from above left to bottom right: 1&6. Posie gets cozy, 2.Iamstyleish, 3.dartphotography, 4. 9to5chick, 5.cupcake and cashmere}

Oh, lastly to end my visual inspiration today, let me back to my ideal outdoor gathering.... here is the perfect image to imagine :). Nice weather, hearty meal and lovely friends. I hope I will have one soon....

Have a lovely day, my friends....


  1. Very pretty, Fenny! I'm inspired now, too... it's finally cool enough to do some outdoor eating. It was so hot and humid for a while, or just raining too much! Thank you for sharing your finds!

  2. Shari, I miss you gal. I am longing for outdoor gathering and after wrote this post, today was raining so heavily. Silly haha...

  3. Such beautiful finds, Fenny! And, I love the your blog redesign, too. :0)

  4. sweet words for sweet friends! I agree about those lovely BYW girls. There's nothing like a good scarf xo

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet lines Fenny! I am glad I can inspire you from the other side of the world. Isn't blogging the most wonderful thing there is...
    x Iris