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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello dear friends, While I am away, you will be blown away by the beautiful places that you can visited when you were in Sydney - Australia. I am so honored today that Fifi from Kannablog will share this beautiful city with you. Have a comfy seat and ready to explore, believe me it makes me want to re-visit the town and all these beautiful shops that she share with us. You may click on the link of the shop's name, it will lead you to the gorgeous website for further info :).

Hello, My name is Fifi. I’m from Jakarta and I write my blog kannablog sporadically. I used to live in Sydney and I just love the city - the beaches, the outdoors, the diverse and glorious food scene. So when Fenny asked me to do a guest post about my recent trip to Sydney, I’m happily obliged :).

Below are a few of my favorite place to hang out in Sydney:

Surry Hills

For me, Surry Hills is a sum of coffee, café, and design/furniture shops throws in the mix.

Bourke Street bakery is a local favorite. , they sell beautiful sausage rolls and sourdough. There’s always a line of people queuing, especially around lunch time. You have to try their yummy lamb harissa sausage roll. Their coffee is good too.

Ici et La ( not far from Bourke street bakery). They sell French style vintage furniture and famous for their colourful striped deck chairs. Very cool place with lots of interesting knick knack. The day I visited this shop, I spotted Jason Grant (Sydney magazine’s interior stylist) picked up some props for photo shoots.


Paddington is famous for its fashion and boutique shops. But I stumbled across this newly opened petite shop that sell vintage homewares.


Woolahra is a neighboring suburb of Paddington. My personal favorite thing to do in Woolahra is to sit in Crema café, order a pot of Earl Grey tea and just watch the world goes by. Sometimes with a good book or good company.

Another favorite activity is just simply browse the home wares and boutique shop along the road.

Simon Johnson stocks gourmet products for foodie. From Truffle oil, valrhona chocolates, and many more exotic jams and sauces.

Donna Hay General Store is just a gorgeous shop. They bake cupcakes and macaroons in the shop’s kitchen at the back and the smell is heavenly.

Cabbage Tree Bay – Manly

Sand, sea, and the sun.

It’s still beautiful even during the winter. Cabbage tree bay is not far from the main Manly beach.

Less tourist. More locals. The area is great for snorkeling, or just playing in the beach, walking along the path, and enjoying the sunset.

Well, that’s a few snippets of my favorite places in Sydney. I hope you enjoy the photos. And special thanks to Fenny for giving me the opportunity to share this with all of you.

{all images are courtesy of Fifi from Kannablog}


It was amazing how Fifi captured all those beautiful images, right? she is an occasional blogger and also a very talented artist who design custom made invitation, stationery and maps. Please visit her online shop here. And Happy weekend :).

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