Visited Fresh Flower market

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today is a busy day for me so I just want to drop by here at my lunch break (as usual time to write my blog :0). Last week I and my dear friend visited China town at Kuala Lumpur, not a favorite place of mine, because I normally don't fancy crowded places. But I love their fresh flower market at there, It is a wholesale flower market fresh from the highland.

This time are plenty of Carnations, daisies and local roses in many colors.

And this is what I bought (plus few are from my friend that just came back from the highland). Tomorrow I will share the pictures what I've done with them :). My house still overflowing with flowers till today. Bliss.

Have a great day ahead everyone.

PS: I will be away to Indonesia this Friday to weekend, and there will be guest blogger to blog about travel post, she captured an amazing photos and interesting places at her country that she used to live. Make sure to stop by then :)


  1. I love all these photos, makes me want to fill my house with flowers of all colours and types. Beautiful post Fenny!

    Have fun in Indonesia. Looking forward to reading the guest post :D


  2. Lovely photos, Fenny! Did you check out LA's flower market? They have the most amazing varieties of flowers!!! I should've told you to check it out. You'd have loved it.

    Have a wonderful time in Indonesia! xox