Baby's breath flowers

Thursday, October 27, 2011

{image via Intimate Weddings}

One of my all time favorite flower is baby's breath. I always think this tiny, simple, white flower is very versatile and I could not go wrong to combine this with any flowers. I love to see them with yellow Daisies, pink carnation or just let alone has its beauty.

I never throw away my left over flowers, my daisies fade and fall but this tiny beauty after a week is still looking good, so I just transfer them into my plain black color Japanese tea cup and rearrange it again (picture below). I never get tired to have them at my home, but unfortunately this flower is pretty costly here, so I can't afford to have it every time.

What is your favorite flowers? What are you normally do with your left over flowers?

{image is by me}

Tomorrow will be a special guest travel post by someone extra special, I love her post and she shared fabulous place to shop fabulous books, cozy cafes and steal purchase for branded clothes, I feel want to pack my suitcase and fly to that place. So please don't forget to drop by :).

And if you have not enter my giveaway, please feel free to participate here. Xo.


  1. Beautiful post, Fenny! Your blog is so refreshing and cheerful.

    So sorry I haven't written back yet. I'm really excited to receive your gift! No need to feel nervous about it...I'm just so thankful that you did something like this for me. :)

    You choose whatever topic you want for your feature on Simply Hue and I will post it. I trust you. xo

    Hope you are doing well. :) Hugs!

  2. Yes, I love baby's breath, too... so fluffy and fairy-like! I actually prefer them by themselves, though. I think they're lovely in great bunches!

    Your photos are so nice, Fenny! Very nice post!