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Monday, October 3, 2011

Good day everyone. As usual I will always ask the same question every Monday, How's your weekend? :). Mine was so relaxing with family and friends, also a highlight for last weekend was my first time joining Tweet party at #blogbrunch, and it was awesome, I was able to know some of wonderful people and visited their beautiful blogs. I love to meet new friends, it is precious for me.

And today is my first post on October month. I still couldn't believe time really flies, I had so much fun at my little space here, I am so glad that I was back to blog again last March this year after I took a long break for almost a year from blogging. If I did not restart again I knew I feel regret, because I met so many fabulous people through blogging. And yes I am preparing my first time giveaway, I am nervous about it but hopefully I can launch it this month. Got to be something really special for the first time, right?

Also, morning dew, gardening, outdoor, quiet time with my book are still dominating my mood for this month. I started to swim again twice a week, I really hope the weather will be friendly this month so I can do more outdoor activity. And for those who enjoys fall and spring, I envy you :).

Happy Monday.

{all images are from She who eats blog, the gorgeous Japanese food blog that I currently read on}

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  1. Time is precious, and I know I also haven't had too many spare minutes to visit my favourite blogs! This is a lovely collage..eye candy!