Little thought on Monday

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yesterday was the best Sunday that I ever had for the longest time, well our Sunday was always good, but this one is one of the best :). The weather was so pleasant, it was raining in two days, at Saturday and Sunday morning, left the rest of Sunday with a cloudy and chilled weather, we didn't turn on the air con either, very lovely for outdoor activities, but we just relax at home, I went to swim at down stair while my daughter and hubby had their afternoon nap.

Because of Saturday was heavy rain, when I woke up at Sunday morning, I saw few leafs from my plant falling on my rattan rug at my balcony. I felt autumn in a glance haha... I always dream about autumn even we live in the country that forever sunny. And I also very delight that my tiny yellow flower is starting to bloom. Love it.

Actually, I had a lot of things to do, including preparing give away for my blog, but we spent the rest of Sunday cuddled at the sofa, I thought hey... I need to do nothing once in a while. isn't it? And only before dinner we went out to shop for our little one. Her feet grows very fast, so she needs a new shoes :).

How was your weekend treated you? Happy Monday everyone...

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