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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


...Again you can't connect the dot looking forward, you only can connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots somehow connect in your future-- Steve Job

I know the world of blogging since 2006 when casual friend of mine introduced one blog that until now I'm still become a very loyal follower. That was the first blog that I ever read, not other than decor8 by Holly Becker . She inspired me to write my own blog, then.

Introduce to Blogging Your Way

Fast forward to year 2010, I knew about BYW e-course conducted by Holly - decor8 and Leslie. I always wanted to join... but it fears me that I won't be able doing any good at it. After fighting with my own fears, I finally joined the class on March 2011, I am thankful I did, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from someone so genuine and willing to share her knowledge to us. If I never joined then, I never been able to discover that I actually enjoy blogging so much. I remember Holly's podcast 'fear is a better feeling than regret'. I totally agree with her. I do not want to have any regret for things that I wanted to do, opportunity sometimes only come once in lifetime.

I also feel blessed to encounter many friends through blogging, most of us living apart and never meet each other {someday, hopefully will meet in person} but we seem to have a creative connection and very supportive toward each others. For that I really want to say thank you, to my dear friends, to my readers.

Decorate book - 1000 professional design ideas for every room in your home

When Holly and her co writer Joanna Copestick wrote Decorate, I was thrilled to have one, This book is not available in Malaysia, I pre ordered the book through Amazon, and the waits for three month at that time seems forever. Again, this is the first design and interior book that I ever had, I always a magazine person when it comes to design ideas. I love everything about this book but I am not going to write a review here , you can click this review from Amazon. Therefore, if I really need to choose between dying or picking anything most favorite in the book, I would said that what I love the most from the chapter are the flea market style, colorful style and attention to detail- flowers. Those are nearer to my personal style.

Giveaway time....

And because you {my readers and my friends) are meant a lot for me, I want to give 1 copy of Decorate book for the lucky winner who participate in this giveaway.

When is the giveaway start?
This giveaway is open from today 19th October 2011 and closed on the 2nd November 2011- 10am Malaysian time {two weeks}

Who entitles to join this giveaway?
Everyone in this part of the world :).

Any particular requirement to participate?
To participate is easy just leave a comment at the comment section below and if you would like to share this answer it would be great too:
1. Who influence your creative life?
2. And how she/he inspired you?

Other than that,
Don't forget to attach your email, so if you are one of the winner I could easily contact you.

Anything more,
No obligation to follow me on Twitter or to follow my blog but tweet about it if you could, good thing is meant to share and let others know :)

Important notification:
I don't have a copy with me, after I randomly pick the winner I will do online order through Amazon and send directly from Amazon to your address. Because I figure out this is a faster way to deliver. Allow me maximum two weeks to a month from the date of announcement for the book to be arrived at your place {the delivery time may take a little bit longer depend on the availability and your country of origin}.

Thank you for drop by and join my first giveaway, I am so excited. I hope you are as excited as I am...

{images are by me for f4fabulousblog}


  1. Gorgeous giveaway and maybe my chance to finally get this precious book :-)

    I draw my inspiration from bloggers such as Holly, Leslie of course, but they are many others with aesthetics similar to mine: Joy of OhJoy!, Amy of Eat Drink Chic, Pia jane Bijkerk, stylist and designer Emma Cassi (I LOVE her work) etc...

    I like their vision, I dream about a pretty lifestyle and I love that they are totally approachable...

  2. My mum was the very first person who inspired me since I was young. =)

    I always see her holding either 2 long needles knitting on a jacket for me or holding 1 short needle knitting on a table cloth. Her hands as though can do magic! She can turn a plain cloth into a nice scenery with cottage house with mountains and river, the trees were sometimes in red, sometimes in green... haha... seasons changed... This is the amazing cross stitch world!!

  3. I inherited the sewing interest from 2 inspiring women in my life; Mom and Aunt. My mom sewn me a patchwork blanket which I still cherished till today using her antique Singer sewing machine. She also recycled the remaining of the cloth she got from her tailor and turn it into floor mats.

    During school holidays, I loved to visit my Aunt. My Aunt exposed me into the world of stitching; Cross stitch, Embroidery and Smocking. I still remember borrowing books from her so that I could copied the cross stitch design into graph paper.

    Not long ago, I also started a blog about my passion in craft solely inspired by Fenny. I hope to keep the blog alive and one day could inspire other people as well! =)

  4. Wow, thank you for such a generous giveaway, dear Fenny!

    Hmmmmm....I honestly don't think I could pick one person who inspires me. I find so much inspiration when I visit Etsy. I love the work of Mandy Lynne, Abby Try Again, and Irene Suchoki. I could go on and on. :)

    Thankyou again sooo much, Fenny! xoxo

  5. What a wonderful giveaway!

    Right now I am most inspired by Holly and Leslie and the students of BYW! Have learned so much already, and we're only halfway through!

    So nice to meet you through BYW.
    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Supernice! Of course I am in as I would love to have a copy on my study too.
    My creative life is most influenced by all the lovely bloggers around me, inspiring and energizing me daily.
    x Iris

  7. This is super awesome giveaway. I wish I could win it and the book could help me get out of the creative block!
    Thank you, it's very kind of you.
    Suki (suki@studiosukionline.com)

  8. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! Wouldn't mind having a copy of this inspiring book on my shelf!

    I am very much inspired by anyone who has a creative concept to share, and who also has the courage to put their voice and thoughts out there - because what's an amazing idea if it's not being heard and shared with others?

  9. i draw my inspiration from everything that goes on around me. it may be a pal, a neighbour, a colleague, a dog, a plant or even a random stranger. or God!

    one basically looks around. what is good. what is energetic. what is positive. that should be our source of inspiration to lead our everyday life.

  10. Hello Fenny!
    My Auntie Rose was the person who most inspired me creatively. When I was a child, she was always making something. She taught me to knit, to cook a favorite dish and love all the crafty things she did. Each Christmas we received a handmade decoration from her. Every Halloween she would dress up as she answered the door for the kids. She was always making something and I loved it. I began to do all sorts of crafts, baking, sewing, making holiday decorations...it was always something. We lost her at age 87 a few years ago but I've never forgotten what an influence she was to me. I have many, many fond memories of her and her creative life.

    I really like the flowers taped in the journal book above. Did you use washi tape to adhere them? There are so many ideas from the BYW course, it's a bit overwhelming but I've loving every minute of the class. Thanks for a having this wonderful giveaway - glad I found you.

    Happy week to you,

  11. Hello, I tried to comment earlier but this box did not show up. Anyway, I'm afraid I don't have a creative life, but I still took Holly's class so I can learn what makes a good blog. Such a generous giveaway, cheers!

  12. Hi Fenny! Thanks for hosting the giveaway... I hope I made it in time! :) I already have Holly's book but would love to win one to give as a gift, esp. when Xmas is coming up! Crossing my fingers! And lately, I am drawing lots of inspirations from bloggers like you... creative, sweet and genuine. xo

  13. Hi Fenny! Here I am, who knows, maybe I'm the lucky one? hahahah..
    1. Anyway, I'm inspired by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple
    2. Steve Jobs said he wanted to create the best product in the world (and he did). I'm so inspired by his passion, his dedication to his craft, and his standard of excellence, and his dream of changing the world.

  14. Yay - super give away!

    My inspiration is anyone and everyone, because each individual always has something unique and a completely different fresh point of view to share.

    The other night I was so moved by a couple who are both hearing impaired. The way they love and care about each other is beyond words.
    They inspire me to love and appreciate more things that I take for granted.

  15. So glad I just saw your announcement of this giveway in the BWY Forum. I must be one of the very few BYW students who haven’t yet got a copy of Holly’s book.

    I could hardly stop browsing through your beautiful blog, but I will try to answer your questions:

    Many things and many people influenced my creative life, but in John I finally found someone who listened to my ideas and believed in my creative ability like no one else before.

    I was studying textile design when I came to the UK for 6 months in 2005. That’s when I met John Coombes. He was paining portaits and teaching at the University at this time. After the course had finished he asked me to sit for him. So I went round to his amazing studio on the first floor of a textile mill. When I saw his work I was deeply moved and asked him if he could teach me to paint.

    I fell in love. First with his studio and his work and after a few more visits to the UK with John.

    He has been generously sharing his studio and knowledge and has been a great support in all the creative things I do.

    We share the things that inspire us and I really enjoy working on projects together.

    It was also John who inspired and encouraged me to start blogging. John started blogging in 2003 on an Arts Council founded project.

    To start with, my blog was meant to keep my friends and family up to date, then it became a collection of things that inspire me, and right now – I don’t know, I do not really have much time for blogging as other things keep me very busy: John and I have a beautiful lively little daughter.

  16. Hi Fenny!
    I'm not sure if I'm able to enter this lovely giveaway (South Africa is a long way away!)
    But I really appreciate the online friendship which we've developed since BYW and all the inspiration we gained from Holly. I don't have her wonderful book yet, so this would be amazing to win!
    I can only say that my mum, who was an artist with a sensitive and creative heart, has always inspired me. Growing up, she was my constant support, and then continued to nurture my 2 young boys when they were born. I miss her very much, but she will always be close and inspire me through her memory.

  17. Hello and what a wonderful first giveaway!
    I was about to order my copy but I think I'll wait a bit :)

    My aunt is hands down the biggest influence in my life.
    Living a life itself is the biggest creative process. My aunt can do it with amazing grace and tenacity and make it look so effortless. She's a brilliant homemaker, wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmom.... When I"m at a loss of being creative in the process of life I seek inspiration from her ways!

    email: gakonni@gmail.com

  18. super lovely giveaway! thank you! holly's book is so beautiful and what an inspiring post! i find creative inspiration on random walks each day where i snap photos or make sure to run into and strike up a conversation with new people...

    xo, juliette