Thrifty find + {splurge indulgence}

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh.. I am so happy that I finally back here. You can't imagine how busy my working schedule last week and it will continue for this week as well, in fact the whole month of October I will be busy. I can foresee the month of October will pass in a blink for me.

I miss to write here. Writing at here is like my personal brand of heroin (quote from Edward Cullen..haaa). It make me miss this space so much when I am not able to visit it daily. Anyway, to start my busy week , Me, little one and my hubby managed to have a good weekend. We went to shop a little bit. And look what I found...

A vintage grandma white cardigan, it's pre-loved item (that what they called it here for second hand product) for few bucks. And bold leather belt Just Cavalli from Roberto Cavalli for few hundred bucks. Some I shop for thrifty find and some I splurge for personal indulgence. Life is fair, isn't it? :).

I will be back tomorrow. Have a nice day lovelies....

{image is by me for}


  1. What lovely purchases you made! Love the cardigan! I love how you call second hand items. Pre-loved items! That's much prettier!!

  2. Lovely finds Fenny! sometimes a little indulgence goes a long way :)

  3. love the cardigan and I think "pre-loved" is a wonderful term!