Fresh market today...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I always love to visit farmer market, grocery, fresh market or whatever you called them, as long as I see green, fresh ingredient, and various fresh food, I feel bliss :). Don't you?

Funny enough, but sometime I can spend more hours in the grocery than in any other store, not that I am a good cooks or anything, but I just love the feeling to stroll along to see those fresh broccoli and imagine what salad dressing I would love to have with those green ones haha... silly!

Here in town, we just have new and huge grocery and gourmet food market called BIG in my favorite hip place Publika. We could plug fresh lettuce from the pipes and also enjoy gourmet food and coffee while we are shopping at the place. Lovely! I 've been pulling my husband to go with me almost every week..haaa...and here I pulled some images for my inspiration today. Enjoy!

{images : Grocery in Zurich is by me, collage clockwise 1,2,3,4}


  1. hehe...that's also one of my fave haunts for groceries too. we should really meet up for makan and have our grocery shopping together one of tehse weekends!

  2. That looks like such a wonderful day. Your photos are super pretty too!

  3. i always love grocery shops, small or big, wet or dry... love them all. In fact, whenever i travel to foreign countries, grocery shops have always been on my list of places to visit. thanks for the info on publika, will check it out soon....:)