Hand drawing {gift wrapping}

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today is a crazy day, I was at the client's place most of the time and the rest was on the road. Sometime when I am in hurry I feel that my creative juices becoming dry and I don't like that feeling at all. I need a little break, and this evening I promised my daughter that I will fetch her from her day care earlier, I am so looking forward to spend some quality time with her, may be I will start to do gift wrapping or decorating some of my empty bottle for Christmas decoration, not that little one will be helpful but she will enjoy to create the mess... and I don't mind at all :).

Ohh since I will start to do gift wrapping for the present that I already bought , I want to share the super duper easy gift wrapping idea that I found from Mini-Eco. I am gonna try it out my self and really it doesn't required any tutorial at all right? What you need is just a brown paper + silver pen and your skill to create the drawing (mostly geometric pattern) and I think I want to try on white paper with red and gold pen, should be lovely too, what do you think?

{images are from Mini-Eco, visit the blog for more awesome DIY projects}


  1. lovely! this will be my theme for this year's wrappings. thanx fen!

  2. So cool... love these gift wrap ideas... simple and elegant. :-)


  3. These gift wrapping ideas are so creative and economical.
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