I dream about Autumn....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I wonder...
How's the feeling of Autumn?
Cloudy sky,
Golden leaves...falling gracefully,
People are outside for picnic,
Oh and of course a glass of good wine to warm up,

Love to see how people are dressing up for Autumn,
Love the color,
Love the feeling....

But I never experience it. Is it really look like how I described?

{Image credit: I love the autumn photos fromme - toyou}

Happy weekend folks. We have a long weekend here, so I will be back on Tuesday. owww, I love public holiday on Monday.bliss!


  1. Well Fenny, the leaves are falling, beautiful colors, but the last week it's almost 20 degrees!!! very unusual for this time of year.

  2. Autumn in Cape Town is very pretty...falling leaves, chilly nights & a warm fire. But the part of South Africa where I grew up (Durban) is much more tropical. So there was no need for fires & warm coats! We have quite a different climate in different parts of SA. Makes life interesting!
    Enjoy your day off on Monday! Xo