Inspired by Harajuku fashion

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alright, I am still hang over from anything Zakka, lately I've been browsing Tokyo at my Flipboard. I love to read and observe the way youngsters at Japan dress up. Not that I want to be teenager wannabe. But really, the way they dress are so fashion forward and some are really inspired me :). It reminded me when I visited Tokyo I felt I was so fashion backward haha....

My husband always said that I am easily get influence about anything that drawn my attention at the moment, actually he is not exactly correct. I just love to observe and enjoy beautiful things, but I always back to what I love most, simplicity and versatility. Fashion is included.

Well... I just bought purple and hot pink stocking recently to spark my plain dresses, but I don't think so I would dress like Harajuku girls, I am not that daring :).

Do you like Tokyo fashion? What is your fave style?

{images are via Tokyo}


  1. i love them too...but don't reckon i can carry it off unless its for a "costume" party or gathering:D

  2. I like your Blog! And I'm glad to follow you! Hugs.Natasha

  3. @Natasha, thank you to follow my blog, I visited yours, but I can't understand the language, sorry :)