Little thought on Monday

Monday, November 21, 2011

Good early Monday morning from Malaysia :). I woke up earlier than usual today and have an urge to just write a short post here at my usual 'Little thought on Monday' post. It has been few times I skipped this post. Started today will be a busy week for me, I have few training series going on at my work place.

Last week, I had a massive traveling week and I was glad I was home for weekend and spent my quality time with my love ones. I was in Singapore for short trip last Thursday and it had been a fruitful trip {work related}, at night we had girls night out with my colleagues, we went for Thai dinner and just strolled along the city center. I could instantly feel the Christmas spirit at the city where most of the Christmas decor was up already. Oh... I also visited Muji, always love Muji. too bad we do not have it here.

It was so funny, as much as I enjoyed the outing my mind couldn't stop thinking about my lil one at home, It changes me so much since I become a mother that no matter how I enjoy my own time but motherhood is the best part of my life.

Happy Monday everyone...

{images is by me, taken from iPhone with instagram apps}


  1. Happy Monday, Fenny!!! Lovely thoughts!!!

  2. Your blog is such eye candy, Fenny :)
    Hope you're doing well!

  3. I agree Fennie. Your outlook on life totally changes when you become a mother. Kids definitely add a whole new dimension to our world!
    Love Muji too!! xo