Sailor's theme birthday party

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My sister and my bro in law just celebrated a massive birthday party for her two beloved kids, that was one of our reason we flew back to my hometown in Indonesia. That was Dania first trip to my home country to meet her cousins and all bunch of secondary relative (my immediate family visited her few times here in Malaysia).

The party theme is Sailor party, when we entered the venue we immediately saw massive decoration on the stage, dominated with blue colors. Kids had sitting allocation near the stage with those tiny stool wrap in silk clothes and ribbon, parent had round table sitting arrangement. They provided free flow pop corns and ice cream and 7 course lunch spread. All kids got their sailor hat and bib which was pretty cute. My sister made to order kid towel with personalized kid name in every towel for the birthday favor. They hired 3 very silly clowns and magician, I must admitted they were very funny and all kids had a good laugh.

Unfortunately I did not took many pictures as this was Dania first major event and she was a bit nervous in the beginning to see so many kids around, screaming, laughing, running... bit chaotic in a fun way. Unlike in Indonesia, normally kids party in Malaysia is more smaller scales, cozy and simple so this will be a good experience for her :). Here few pictures to share....

The birthday cake, the decoration and the favors... it was so many balloon hanging in the air but I did not manage to take a picture of them.

Me and Dania, she got bored with her sailor hat and bib after 5 minutes.

Nieces... but I totally forgot to take a picture of the birthday gal and boy... what a shame!

{images are by me for f4fabulousblog}

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