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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello dear friends. How are you today? I posted a bit late today because I was out for meeting almost the whole day, took a quick break to write and soon will be heading to another meeting...uh huh day of meetings.

Tomorrow some of you will celebrate Thanks Giving, so happy Thanks Giving. We do not celebrate here, but I love the spirit of Thanks Giving, where family gathered and giving thanks to God blessing. But since we are planning to have Christmas party and our first house warming in December I started gathering ideas, we will keep the party small, cozy, intimate and only for close friends. I love to play host and set our dining table cozily whenever we had a small party. Today I gathered few favorite table setting idea for Thanks giving, but the idea could be applicable to all occasion with some adjustment of the theme and materials.

I always love natural linen for table clothes and napkins, they are simple, versatile and lovely. I also think the smarter way and also a budget saver for centerpieces are incorporate our dining ware to be a centerpiece, example we could decorate the drinking bottle with lovely flower garland or just placed our cutlery in a creative way to be a beautiful centerpiece, beside dining ware, my next choice for centerpiece are fruits or spread of cookies in different jars because it is edible so won't waste it after the event. Well wild flowers plugged directly from the garden is sweet idea too :).

I love to light candle around the house and on the table because it creates very warm and cozy atmosphere, just need to be more careful to place them when we have kids around to avoid accident. I also love the idea to place a sweet door gift at my guests plate or something for them to bring home after the dinner, my preference normally are homemade cookies or handmade stuffs.

Those are my favorites, Do you have any? Please share with me so I can have more ideas for my coming Christmas party :)

{images are from DigsDigs, click on the website to find more ideas for Thanks Giving table setting to create cozy athmosphere}

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